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Feza Solaklar

Our lives are filled with precious moments, precious occasions that sometimes require a special kind of commemoration. 

fezz-a” designs commemorate every occasion with a subtle, but stated elegance.  Smart, stylish, and sure to catch eyes, "fezz-a"’s minimal and elegant designs fuse the highest-quality craftsmanship with current trends; perfectly integrating the past with the present. Whether you are at a black tie event, a dinner party, or simply at the office, you will stand out as a timeless beauty when you are wearing
a “fezz-a” design.

Coming from Istanbul,  Feza Solaklar has spent her life immersed in what it means to perfectly integrate the ancient culture with modern trends. Her creative vision in her designs is a direct reflection of this unique understanding of multiculturalism and eclecticism. 

For twenty-five years, Feza has worked in the corporate world, whilst making time, whenever possible, to attend to her great love of jewelry design, especially pearls...  Just as Jackie Kennedy once said, Feza believes that "pearls are always appropriate" and that they can be worn in any style, casual, dressy or formal, and at any time of the day, and that is exactly how she has designed them.

Bringing timeless elegance and beauty to our everyday lives, “fezz-a” commemorates all of life’s occasions.

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